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AirBit Collected And Distributed $2.5 Million From YouTube To Producers In First Half of 2021

AIRBIT has collected and distributed more than $2.5 million in YOUTUBE-generated revenue to beats producers for the first half of 2021 from 4 billion views. For all of 2020, AIRBIT collected and distributed $1.8 million. AIRBIT does this by adding the producers’ work to YOUTUBE’s ContentID system.
“YOUTUBE is a beats search engine, and producers need to make sure their work is monetized there, where billions of views are happening,” explained AIRBIT COO JUDAH WIEDRE. “Without this, they are leaving significant money on the table.”
WIEDRE added, “We’re on target to earn around $10 million this year for producers from publishing and ContentID alone. Money from sources like YOUTUBE is growing fast, and it’s making a difference in producers’ lives.”
Producer OSKRR commented, "I signed up to AIRBIT's YOUTUBE Monetization program purely as an experiment. AIRBIT has been collecting royalties on my behalf ever since, and their system is incredibly easy to use."