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Beats Mean Business: Independent, Tech-First Beats Marketplace Airbit Wants Creators to Build Careers, Not Just Sell Tracks

Everything has changed for music producers. Once the hidden wizards of the studio, producers have jumped out in front and found their own independent business paths online, thanks in part to Airbit.
“The mentality among producers is shifting compared to 10 years ago,” explains Wasim Khamlichi, founder and CEO of Airbit. “People used to look down on producers who sold their beats online. There’s no stigma now.”
More than a beats or sound pack store, Airbit evolved to make it easy for producers to expand their professional options and revenue streams. Airbit’s Infinity Store features and YouTube monetization, unique among beat marketplaces, allow producers everywhere to create a branded, customizable site to present and sell beats and sounds, much like a Shopify for producers, and to maximize the money they earn from their work, no matter where it pops up.